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Each issue focuses on a different type of travel, so whether you’re looking for some much deserved R&R, an adventurous expedition, or discovering the cultures of the world, you’ll find it all in Possibilities.

10 Dream Trips for your bucket list in the newest issue of Possibilities.

Where would your dream journey take you?

Whether you’re picturing yourself walking the Great Wall of China, exploring the towering grace and beauty of the Taj Mahal in India, or trekking the mountainous cities of secluded Bhutan, we’ve chosen 10 epic trips to inspire your wanderlust.

Plus, in this latest issue of Possibilities, our CWT Travel Advisors provide the insider tips you need for tasting your way through the tropical-inspired delights of Barbados, living it up in Los Cabos with new luxury properties and delectable dining experiences, and savouring Veneto, Italy where you’ll find the perfect recipe for la dolce vita!

Start crossing destinations off your bucket list now and discover your world of possibilities.

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Possibilities Archive

  • Discover the Spring issue of Possibilities magazine 2018

    In this revamped issue of Possibilities, find paradise in the islands of French Polynesia, retreat to the relaxed vibe of Thailand’s beautiful beaches, fall in love with Croatia’s renewed sense of hospitality and history, and unearth something new in Costa Rica’s emerald rainforests, pristine waterways and playful wildlife.

    Take a trip with us! After all – your world is full of possibilities

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  • Discover the Fall issue of Possibilities magazine 2017

    It’s time to unwind and get cozy with the Fall issue of Possibilities magazine. Inside these pages, you’ll discover the beauty of exploring Europe as a solo traveller while taking in some of the best food and culture the continent has to offer. Then, uncover the lesser-known cruise ports that are sure to exceed your expectations of everyday ports of call. After that, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly as we slip into the calming vacation state of mind, and learn how to ensure your next holiday is a relaxing one.

    And finally, we say Aloha to the natural beauty of Hawaii as we experience a spectacular family getaway in Maui.

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  • Discover the refreshing (and refreshed!) Summer issue of Possibilities!

    The summer issue of Possibilities magazine is here, and it's something to celebrate. Just one click will whisk you away to the coral islands of the Bahamas, where romance blossoms and ice-cream colours are a feast for the eyes. Come along on a cruise or two, where they take the magic of the holiday season, and set it a float - complete with twinkling lights and decorations. We'll also explore the ways our travel tastes evolve through each decade of our lives - you may be surprised!

    And in our feature article, we mark a major 150-year milestone for a country whose landscape and travel possibilities are as diverse as its people - Canada.

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  • Discover the Spring issue of Possibilities magazine 2017

    The spring issue of Possibilities magazine is here. In this issue, we talk about how every journey presents an opportunity for discovery.

    From mythical landmarks, unique cuisine, unusual wildlife, fascinating history and unforgettable people – the rewards are great for travelers that embrace new adventures with an open heart, and an open mind.

    Every journey opens a door to destinations so vastly different to our own. We discover the world, but in doing so, we also discover ourselves.

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  • Discover the Winter issue of Possibilities magazine 2017

    Discover your world of Possibilities where unique travel experiences will take you out of the ordinary. Whether it’s adventure, stepping out of your comfort zone, or checking off a bucket list, they’re all exceptional experiences.

    Revel in relaxation on the deck of a cruise ship while taking in firsthand the untouched beauty of Alaska. Anticipate your first run down a ski hill. Enjoy the lure and excitement of Costa Rica or stand on the Grand Prix sidelines and cheer as Formula 1 cars whiz by. Explore Iceland, a fascinating destination that transports you to another world. No matter what experience you choose, it promises to be an exhilarating vacation.

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  • Discover the Fall issue of Possibilities magazine 2016

    Sit back, relax and recharge with the new issue of Possibilities magazine. For many as the days get shorter and temperatures get cooler, dreams of warmth to one of the top five blissful beaches fills our heads. Or, maybe floating along the water cruising by river or ocean is how you’d like to re-energize? Or, get intrigued by an amazing trek around the world to India.

    Remember, relaxing and recharging doesn’t only start when you arrive at your destination. It starts by contacting your CWT Travel Advisor who will take the stress out of planning your best vacation ever!

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  • Discover Summer Possibilities "Milestones & Occasions" Issue 2016

    Explore how to take all of life's most precious moments and make them even more picturesque. Take the plunge and discover dreamy destination weddings, ultimate anniversaries, and romantic retreats with that special someone.

    Whether you’re interested in underwater sightseeing in the Great Barrier Reef, the hidden gems of scintillating Las Vegas, or bringing grandparents and grandchildren on a generational getaway, it's all in this issue.

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  • Introducing our Spring luxury edition of Possibilities 2016

    Welcome to our luxury edition of Possibilities by Carlson Wagonlit Travel. This issue explores the finest Tailored & Luxury travel experiences in the world. You’ll find inspiration on every page, from the magnificence of the Mayan Riviera to the masterpiece that is Florence.

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